Singles Ministry Pastor


Born and raised in Honolulu, by my parents, Kathryn and Frank Cabacungan, I’m proud to serve as Hope Chapel Kaneohe Bay’s Singles Pastor for as long as God wants me here.  I’m currently live in Kaneohe with two very furry children – a cat, Crookshanks, and a dog, Emma.

How did you first start coming to HCKB?
I started coming to HCKB in 2002, when a friend asked me to join her at church. My original motivation for coming was to be a supportive friend, but being a previous atheist, then agnostic, my motivations soon turned to wanting to “fight the system,” and prove her wrong. As time progressed, I found myself met by God, and many of the bigger questions in life were in a continual process of being answered through prayer, ministry, and the Word. My way into the kingdom of God was one fought as an uphill battle. In the end, God stole my heart through relationships, tears, laughter, ministry, and healing.

What is one thing that you love about HCKB?
It’s where I found a “home,” and a purpose in this world. I found love and forgiveness in its most genuine form. In my ups and downs, HCKB has been there for me through the people that attend this family. It’s where “Religion” is confronted by RELATIONSHIP.

What do you love most about working for HCKB?
I couldn’t think of a more fulfilling calling in life. I’ve fallen in love with every person God has given me to shepherd. I love helping them through times of hurt, as well as celebrating in their victories. My eyes have been opened to the human potential of such a young age THROUGH Christ Jesus. My flock often claims I’m an inspiration, but in so many ways, it’s the other way around! I’ve always been a wanderer when it came to my mission in life: lost and confused; not knowing which was up or down, right or left. Working for HCKB has challenged me to rise up, and spectacular every step of the way. I have a way-pumped job!

Who is the most influential person in your life?
Uh…God! But besides God, some other people that have influenced me include Pastor Ralph- if it wasn’t for his half-joking remark of – “hey you better watch out, or you may find yourself a pastor one day…” after my onstage testimony, I don’t know if I’d have recognized my calling. Jeph Chavez, whether he knows it or not, was HUGE in my life. He took time to speak truth into my life and build me up as a young Christian. Tisha Lehfelt influenced me to walk, talk, yell, worship, and laugh always in the Spirit! Scott Sunaoka was my VERY FIRST MiniChurch shepherd…WOW…the gems I got from that guy helped make me the preacher I am today. Tom Landeza was the first person to trust me with ministry, and that was no small task. I could keep going on, but to save webpage space, I’ll stop here.

What inspires you?
The youths’ childlike faith…they teach me how to be a genuine sponge.

Any Hidden Talents?
If so, I haven’t found them yet…when I do, everyone will know.

Life Long Goal:
To be wherever God is calling me to be at any given time: and to start a church of my own someday.

Little Known Fact About Me:
I love to lie on the beach and get pummeled by waves.

Book (other than the Bible):
Anything fantasy related, Historical Fiction, well-written Novels in general.

Anything, really…there isn’t a genre I don’t appreciate.

India Cafe…speaking of which, I want some at the moment.

Spicy food for life!

Ice Cream:
I never turn down any Ice cream.

Drink @ Starbucks:
White Chocolate Mocha Frap….VENTI

This changes quite often, if it comes along with rocking out, then count me in!

Childhood Memory:
Playing stickball in the street with my cousin until the stick flew out of my hands and into the neighbor’s new truck…the game was short-lived.

Is there anything else you would like people to know about you?
I love video games…and appreciate gifts…especially sport motorcycles.